About Amy Cole

My name is Amy Cole, and I am passionate about using food to bring people together.

I strive for more shared experiences, more time with people I love, more delicious food, and more beautiful places.

I love cooking because it’s an amazing way to gather people together and make everyone happy.

Family is the most cherished part of my life. My three siblings and I grew up in Pleasanton, California and spent our childhoods playing and watching sports.  We would share meals between our practice schedules and I would look forward to barbecues on the weekends after our tournaments. Now that we’re all living in different cities, with demanding schedules pulling us in different directions, we always savor times when we can all be together to share a meal.

My husband, Gerrit, and his parents are wonderful chefs and dinner hosts. Gerrit learned, early on, the fundamentals of cooking and would make gourmet meals for our friends in college. His dad attained a sommelier certification a few years ago as a hobby, so he is always able to provide the perfect wine pairing. I’ve learned so much from them about how to provide an amazing experience for guests.

Gerrit and I live on the road, splitting time between California, Houston, and Florida. We look forward to new restaurants to explore and dinners with friends and family.

Join me as I share my experiences in the kitchen and on the road!

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    I’m so thankful that I’m able to explore new cities and get inspired by so many different places all over the world. I want to use this space to bring people together and create delicious memories.

Hi! I'm Amy.

Food is my favorite way to connect with the people in my life. Whether it's dinner at home with Gerrit or out at a fun restaurant with my friends and family, a delicious meal is a shared experience that creates some of my favorite memories. I'm excited to create new experiences with you on A Coleinary Experience.